HVC Alliance is a program for Building Repeatable Specialty Coffee Sales Opportunities by Sharing Value within the coffee chain through our expertise on the local market and developed capabilities (Knowing How) to support Direct Trade of Specialty Coffees with strategic Coops and Small groups of farmers (Knowing Who).

Knowing How


  • Quality + Risk Management
  • Efficiency and Controlled costs on Milling and Logistics.
  • Regional Warehouse to Export Secure Transparency.
  • Financing capability for Coops against delivery of parchment at our Regional Warehouse.
  • Business expertise with Coops from North, Central and South of Peru.
  • A Quality Construction Model among a list of selected Coops.
  • Transparency and Traceability reports.
  • Assist primary coops healthy growth with a Pro-farmer approach.

Knowing Who


Beyond the QC and logistics efficiency, we support DT agreements, with Transparency and Traceability reports and Reports of Social Impact of the projects.


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